• Options for transportation include ride share services (Uber, Lyft), bus (TheBus), or taxi.
    • Ride share pick up areas are located on the second level at Lobby 2, 5/6, or 8.
    • Airport employees can assist you in contacting a taxi. Taxi service is available on the center median fronting the terminal baggage claim areas.
    • Bus stops are located on the second level roadway along the center median.
  • You will be reimbursed for transportation to and from Honolulu International Airport following the Workshop via wire transfer
  • A one way ride could cost between $40 - $50 depending on the time of day
  • Lincoln Hall is located at 1821 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI 96848
  • If you are checking in between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am, you will need to to check in at Hale Mānoa (1711 East-West Rd, Honolulu, HI 96848). Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • You can reach the Hale Mānoa and Lincoln Hall front desk(s) by phone at: 
    • Hale Mānoa: 808-944-7960 
    • Lincoln Hall: 808-944-7816
  • Meal Stipend: $160 per person for use from Nov. 27 - Dec. 1
    • Will be given to you in cash when you arrive
    • Only to be used for food and drink (excluding alcohol)
    • Specific meals on the agenda where we recommend you use your stipend
    • Anyone staying outside of Workshop dates will also receive a UH meal card and extra cash on top of the stipend based on the duration of your stay
  • Local Transportation Stipend: $80 per person
    • Will be reimbursed after the Workshop via wire transfer
  • It is your responsibility to keep track of stipend spending
  • We ask that you come prepared to cover airport and local transportation  costs up front
  • You are welcome to supplement this stipend with your own personal funds
  • Airport transportation, local transportation (up to $80 per person), and visa or ESTA application fees will all be reimbursed via wire transfer following the Workshop
  • As we will reimburse you for ground transportation to and from Honolulu International Airport and any local transportation, we ask that you come prepared to cover these costs up front
  • Keep digital receipts, and take pictures of physical copies. We must receive a digital copy of your receipt to process your reimbursement
  • If you plan to use the bus and want reimbursement, you'll need to get a Holo Card:
  • Unless eating or drinking, we kindly ask that masks must be worn indoors, including common areas of housing, in the Imin Center conference building, and inside transportation
  • You are required to let Pacific Forum Staff know if you are feeling ill or test positive within 10 days prior to the workshop, during the workshop, or 2-3 days after the workshop
  • All participants are expected to comply with U.S. Government and State of Hawaiʻi requirements for travel and event participation at the time of this event. If any changes to these requirements occur between now and the Workshop, we will communicate this to participants.

  • As of March 25, 2022, the State of Hawaii has ended its Safe Travels program and indoor gatherings are permitted without restrictions. 

  • As of June 12, 2022, a negative COVID-19 test result is no longer required for entry to the United States:

  • However, due to uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, all event participants must be fully vaccinated and be prepared to comply with any changes to travel or gathering requirements that may be implemented between now and the November event.

  • We strongly recommend that you have a copy of your vaccination card as there are some establishments that may require proof of vaccination

We ask that you travel with your passport, even if you do not need it to enter the US or are traveling from within the US to reach Honolulu. We especially need to have  passports on hand for site visits during the Workshop.

Aloha/business casual

For those traveling from abroad, we recommend exchanging any currency before arriving in the US in case you don't time for you to do so during the Workshop.