Frequently asked questions:

1. What is this dialogue intended to do?

OIIP is designed to create an annual forum for policy-relevant panel discussions that brings together stakeholders in order to support INDOPACOM in its mission of integrating US and allied forces across all domains, across equipment, across doctrine, and across policy to bolster deterrence in the Indo-Pacific region.

2. What is the composition of this dialogue?

This dialogue brings together 80 to 100 stakeholders from the defense "eco-system", defense industry, military practitioners, policymakers, strategists, and think tank subject matter experts.

3. Will the plenary events be "on the record" and can media join?

The media can join the entirety of the plenary, but some sessions will be off-the-record or not-for-attribution. 

4. Will this event be in the classified realm?

This dialogue will focus on policy change, not classified aspects of plans or equipment, and therefore remain in the unclassified realm.

5. If there are other events on-island related to this event, how can I join them?

There are likely to be track 1-only events that occur around this dialogue. Unfortunately, Pacific Forum cannot help aid interested parties in joining these separate government events.

6. How do I sponsor this event?

One can either register and select the sponsorship level, while emailing Dr. John Hemmings, Senior Director, at Pacific Forum - - indicating interest and intention to submit funds to Pacific Forum.